If there is anyone here who will make it as a successful ontological coach, it is you! Raphael Acheveverria (of a class of roughly 100 coach trainees)
I do not know what you did to my students. I give hard exams, and almost everyone coated you. Dr. Greg Malszecki (Kinesiology and Health, York University)

I am Tsheba …

The intuitive coach who treats the pursuit of mind-body wellness also as a striving for prosperity and lasting happiness.

Do you feel stuck?
Are you struggling to move ahead be it with your health, your love life, or your professional life?
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A Possible Solution:
How about if you
"Up Your Desire"!

Hi, I am Tsheba (the "T" is silent), otherwise named Monica Palmer. You probably haven't heard of me, nevertheless, welcome! From now onward, you will. You can call me "Woman of Desire". But before you get your thoughts running wild, read more about how I got all up on desire. For over 30 years I have been coaching to help advance the lives of enterprising personalities like you. MY APPROACH: Health is about prevention and preservation as much as it is about prosperity and happiness. My deepest desiring is to help enterprising leaders exert to the utmost extent their creative and competitive powers, in rousing their desires in such a way that they actually feel the taste of triumph. Are you feeling stuck? See how I can help you get unstuck and become what you were meant to be: to love, to give and to create with joyful abandon.

Having Monica (Tsheba) as my natural health coach since 1999, and adaptied her art of eating to power excellence-in-action has truly been a significant factor for me in achieving my goals of improved health, weight loss/maintenance, and over all well being. To have endured the stresses of starting up my current business venture and making it a success is thanks in part to my improved mental and physical endurance.
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David Chung, Managing Director / Partner, Waterfront Investments Ltd.

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Audeya Harris
(Clinical Psychiatrist)
Your work has spoken to me in many ways thus far and helped me confront my missing pieces.… Your book is a tool by which I have unravelled some deep psychological insights about myself … I never realized I doubt myself so much and lack self-love. I also see the good in me and the things I've been right.
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