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What is so significant about 2017

Numerically, by adding up all the numbers 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1, you are not only energetically working with a new year that symbolizes newness, beginnings, personal power. The 2017 also sets the stage for an entire new 9-year cycle. So any new project, venture or adventure you start this year has the potential for long-term growth and manifestation, if you have a system.
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Hi, I am Tsheba (the "T" is silent), otherwise named Monica Palmer. You probably haven't heard of me, nevertheless, welcome! From now onward, you will. You can call me "Woman of Desire". But before you get your thoughts running wild, read more about how I got all up on desire. For over 30 years I have been coaching to help advance the lives of enterprising personalities like you. MY APPROACH: Health is about prevention and preservation as much as it is about prosperity and happiness. My deepest desiring is to help enterprising leaders exert to the utmost extent their creative and competitive powers, in rousing their desires in such a way that they actually feel the taste of triumph. Are you feeling stuck? See how I can help you get unstuck and become what you were meant to be: to love, to give and to create with joyful abandon.

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